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Everyone as a Leader,
True to Themselves
Creating a Connected Society

Everyone is a leader of their own life. Leaders cherish themselves while also respecting others, and value connections as they create a future together. They embrace differences without fear or conflict, loving and respecting these differences. Through "speaking, listening, staying with differences and conflicts, and feeling with all senses," they engage in self-dialogue and dialogue with close relationships. Such leaders courageously shift from dialogue to a future of co-creation.

You, your family, organizations, communities, regions, countries, the Earth...
We believe that when your "small cup of happiness" overflows, a larger cup of happiness appears, leading to more people smiling.

Thoughts on Stepfamilies

Let's Become a Family Team!

We send our heartfelt blessings to those who are in the phase of creating a "stepfamily" in their lives.

As single parents who have supported both our children and our finances, we commend ourselves for our efforts and perseverance up to this point. Finding someone to remarry was not an easy task.

The depth of character and greatness of those who choose to partner with a single parent with children are immeasurable. While marriage brings joy and happiness, it undoubtedly also brings many anxieties and conflicts.

"Remarrying with children" may seem right for me,
but is it truly the best choice for my children?
The anxiety of suddenly becoming a parent is honestly indelible.
What does it mean to be a parent?

We also chose to be a stepfamily. Venturing into the unknown was daunting because there were no clear answers. Therefore, we made choices that were true to ourselves, carefully discussing what we really thought, one topic at a time.

Our journey was accompanied by "systemic coaching," a form of dialogue. Through discussions involving many anxieties and conflicts about various important themes like "last names," "terms of address," "ways of living," "family finances," "relations with parents," "wedding ceremonies," and "relationships with children," we were able to find our own answers.

With the lessons learned, we aspire to support all types of families.


Junji Shibata

Junji Shibata

PCC certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
ORSCC (Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach) from CRR Global

Born in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Although he enrolled at Kyoto University, he became a recluse at home, immersing himself in the online world. After experiencing a disconnect with the real world, he dropped out of university. While studying, he gained experience as an infrastructure engineer through a part-time job at Yumemi Inc., an IT venture originating from Kyoto University. After dropping out, he joined the company as a full-time employee and over the next 12 years, he accumulated a broad range of experience in system development, product development, project management, and team management. Starting in 2009, he began studying Co-Active Coaching at CTI Japan. In 2015, he became the director of a subsidiary, primarily handling HR support tasks. Currently, he promotes parallel careers within the company while also managing his own as a parallel worker. In 2017, he founded Co-leaders Inc. and became its CEO.

Shiho Tsuchiya

Shiho Tsuchiya

PCC certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
ORSCC (Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach) from CRR Global
ACTC certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Born in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.
After graduating from university, She joined the Recruit Group, where she was involved in corporate recruitment support and career consulting for job changes. While engaging in corporate training, she also ran a team called the "Ashura Work Project," which promotes parallel careers. Alongside her personal coaching activities, she also works as a systems coach for families and organizations. In 2017, she founded Co-leaders Inc. and became its CEO. Since 2018, she has served as the co-representative and trainer of CRR Global Japan, focusing on training professional systems coaches. On a personal note, after seven years as a single mother, she remarried and is currently building a stepfamily in Kyoto. She cultivates facilitator-type leadership and psychological safety in both organizational and family settings, for adults and children alike.


Junji Shibata and Shiho Tsuchiya met, and from their encounter, Co-leaders was born.
This page details the paths they have each taken in their life stories, the reasons why Co-leaders focuses on relationships, the choice to become a stepfamily, and the process of creating a new family. It chronicles the path they have carved out through continuous dialogue, leading up to the establishment of Co-leaders Inc.

Junji's Story
Story #01
Junji's Story
  • ・From Honors Student to NEET
  • ・To the Outside World
  • ・Encounter with Coaching
  • ・Drinking, Friends, Father, and Me
  • ・Signs from the Body
Shiho's Story
Story #02
Shiho's Story
  • ・The Experience of Divorce
  • ・Covering Up the Hurt Parts
  • ・The Impact of Receiving Coaching
  • ・Exploring Ways of Working
The Story of How Co-leaders Was Born
Story #03
The Story of How Co-leaders Was Born
  • ・"Creating from Others" Project
  • ・The Meeting of Three
  • ・The Future of Two, The Fluctuations of a Family
  • ・Creating a Stepfamily
  • ・Establishing Co-leaders

Company Profile

・Company Name:
Co-leaders Co., Ltd.
Kyoto, Japan
・Date of Establishment:
February 22, 2017
1,000,000 JPY (as of February 2017)
・Executive Structure:
CEO Junji Shibata
CEO Shiho Tsuchiya
・Business Activities:
Personal Coaching / Systems Coaching / Educational Training / Seminars & Workshop Lectures / Career Support / HR and Organizational development / Writing Activities